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Norbert Delman | "Hostile Conditions"

During Warsaw Gallery Weekend Norbert Delman will present his latest sculptures in the modernist space of the Iluzjon Cinema.

In 2020, the artist initiated a series of works utilizing painted MDF boards, plastic and foam. He arranges the incompatible elements from his previous works to form new compositions that evoke an unrestrained organicity. They develop like plants doomed to grow in unfavourable conditions. Wanting the main stem, frail at the base, they rebound in lush lateral buds. They annex the surrounding space with their plastic vines.

The latest works are the consequence and the logical extension of the artist’s earlier experience. The experience of the pandemic crisis, of upcoming climate change, but also the legitimate fears resulting from the geopolitical situation can be seen as the starting point for this new chapter of creativity. Delman’s productions tell a story of the struggle of the body and psyche with unfavourable conditions that we, troubled as we are, face every day thanks to the hope given to us, humans.

more information about the exhibition here

exhibition: Sep. 29 - Oct. 3, 2022

location: Kino Iluzjon, ul. Narbutta 50a | 02-541 Warszawa

organizers: HOS Gallery, Propaganda

partners: Kino Iluzjon Filmoteki Narodowej, FINA


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