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HOS Gallery at the winter art fair "Sztuka dla Ciebie"

Tomorrow (2 – 3.12.2023) the first edition of the winter fair "Sztuka dla Ciebie" will be launched! More than 400 m2 of space in Warsaw's Wola district, right next to Turnus on Wolska, will be filled with contemporary art in unique editions for every budget. Great galleries and collectives form Warsaw (and not only...) will participate.

HOS Gallery will present paintings by Grzegorz Pieniak, works by Paweł Olszczyński and

a sculpture by Norbert Delman. See you at booth 12 on Saturday (12:00 - 21:00) and Sunday (12:00 - 18:00).

from left:

Grzegorz Pieniak, „Swimmer With Pink Nails”, 2022, oil on canvas, 79 x 61 cm

Paweł Olszczyński, „Morning Stars II”, 2023, pencil on paper, 24 x 17,8 cm

Norbert Delman, #1, from the "Hostile Conditions” series, 2022, MDF board, acrylic, plastic, PV foam, 110 x 35 x 70cm

Sztuka dla Ciebie - WINTER ART FAIR

December 2 - 3

44 Wolska Street



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