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concert by Wojtek Kurek | Meetings | Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023

Oct 13, 2023, 7 p.m

fot. Andrzej Nowak

Wojtek Kurek works with electro-acoustic space. In the max/msp programming environment, he creates organic structures and multichannel sound experiences that he adapts to the context of the place.

The musician's play with space, from microsounds to flooding with waves of noises, gives new meanings to random sounds; murmurs, coughs, ringing telephones. He is interested in sound as a phenomenon, from which he tries to extract small nuances and digs into its deepest components.

Kurek's sensory experiments have enormous artistic potential. The concert dedicated to the HOS space enters into dialogue with the Hold Me Closer exhibition, which presents the works by Marta Niedbał and Paweł Olszczyński.

Wojtek Kurek is a Polish percussionist and a sound artist, working both as an improviser and composer. He also makes music for theaters.

The concert accompanies the exhibition: Hold Me Closer | Marta Niedbał, Paweł Olszczyński and is part of the "Meetings" initiative by Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023.

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