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A Novel(la) with No End | Maria Stangret-Kantor | 09 Apr — 28 May 2022

HOS Gallery cordially invite for the opening of Maria Stangret-Kantor solo show on Saturday 9 April, between 12-6 pm.

Maria Stangret, circa 1960, courtesy of Tadeusz Kantor Foundation

opening: 9 Apr 2022, 12:00-6 pm., curatorial tour at 2 pm.

The works exhibited at the HOS Gallery were created in the first half of the 1970s On the one hand, the choice of objects could seem like a frivolous game, as they often bring to mind childhood, games or time spent at school (playing hopschotch, school blackboards, pages from a notebook). This choice can be seen as a sign of affirmative attitude to the world and to art as such, which has the right to free itself from the fetters of seriousness. On the other hand, the artist played with scale, transforming trivial objects into huge monuments, shifting the viewer’s attention from their aesthetic value to the act of creation itself, understood not so much in terms of craftsmanship, but conceptually.

“Grandpa’s Diary” (Polish "Pamiętnik Dziadka") is a publication accompanying the exhibition of Maria Stangret-Kantor. The artist started her novel in 1962 and wrote in her spare time for several years.

The exhibition was realised in collaboration with the Signum Foundation.

more about exhibition here


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