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Each exhibition at the HOS Gallery is accompanied by an educational program (creative workshops, discussions, lectures) developing its individual themes and problems, aimed at bringing children and schoolchildren closer to the issues  in the field of Polish contemporary art and getting used to the latest artistic phenomena. Missions  educational  we treat it very broadly, in our opinion, workshops should  exceed  not only beyond the base  software  but also to broaden  social competences, teach  teamwork, respect for the work of others and their ways of thinking. Our  mission  is to encourage active participation in culture and regular visits to cultural institutions. Contemporary culture and art teach  individualism, openness, bold and non-schematic thinking.  

An important aspect of the creative workshops is also practicing the concentration and attention of students and learning to focus despite distracting stimuli. Workshops can improve the process of learning, memory, planning and coping with emotions, which translates into learning outcomes and the development of educational achievements of students at all later stages of education and work.


Workshops at HOS Gallery implement such points from the core curriculum as: introducing students to the world of values, identifying patterns of behavior and building social relationships conducive to the safe development of the student (family, friends); strengthening the sense of individual, cultural, national, regional and ethnic identity; forming in students a sense of self-dignity and respect for the dignity of others; developing competences such as creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship; developing the skills of critical and logical thinking, reasoning, argumentation and inference; showing the value of knowledge as the basis for the development of skills; awakening students' cognitive curiosity and motivation to learn; supporting the student in recognizing his own predispositions and determining the path of further education; equipping students with such a body of knowledge and shaping such skills that allow a more mature and orderly understanding of the world; comprehensive personal development of the student by expanding his knowledge and satisfying and awakening his natural cognitive curiosity; shaping an open attitude towards the world and other people, activity in social life and responsibility for the community; encouraging organized and conscious self-education based on the ability to prepare one's own workshop and self-assessment; orienting the student towards values.

Workshops for schools are held  myself  at the individually agreed time and date, in groups of 15-20 people, accompanied by teachers who have the opportunity to continue and use the activities carried out at the workshops in further projects and tasks at the school. Workshops are prepared for various age groups, most often divided into:

- primary schools - grades 1-3

- primary schools - grades 4-8

- secondary schools

Creative workshops consist of  myself  with a short theoretical part (about 30 minutes) and a practical part (about 60 minutes). The first one always takes place in the exhibition rooms, so that the participants have direct contact with the works and trends discussed. It is accompanied by a tour of the exhibition with an educator's commentary,  developing individual threads and problems raised at the exhibition. In the second part, meetings are held  myself  practical classes in  workshop room. Topics of classes  always resists  and is inspired by the current theme of the exhibition and aims to deepen the experience of aesthetic experience in independent creative work. Works are being created  individually or in small groups, the working techniques are adapted  to the age of children and issues  raised during the workshops.

Interested groups please fill in the form and send it to the following address:

Note: please order workshops / lectures at least 2 days before the planned visit.

Please read the regulations of the classes, and if you wish to participate in the workshops, you accept the regulations .



Random events

on-line workshops

(March 6-April 24, 2021)




HOS strona 300dpi 3417x1300px.jpg

Whoever sows, reaps the storm

on-line workshops





HOS Gallery, mikrokosmosy, baner, szum.j


on-line workshops





banner na strone.png

[exhibition in preparation] 

on-line workshops

(05/09 - 26/09/2020)





"Me the beetle" Ryszard Grzyb

work on paper

on-line workshops

(March 31- June 30, 2020)




HOS baner Antynomie, cover.jpg

"Antinomies. Painting by Aleksander Roszkowski"

(04.02  - March 21, 2020)




HOS baner Przeglad3.png

 "Collection overview"

(11/12/2019 - 25/01/2020)




OBA - HOS ulotka-baner_edited.jpg

OBA (R. Grzyb & M. Osiowski)

"I take a beautiful sentence in my mouth and suck it like candy"

(10/10 - 23/11/2019)




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