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Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023: Hold Me Closer | Marta Niedbał, Paweł Olszczyński

The opening of the exhibition is taking place during Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023.

Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023

Sep 28 – Oct 1, 2023

11 am – 7 pm

The exhibition will run until Nov 18, 2023.

We cordially invite you to the Hold Me Closer exhibition featuring the latest works of Marta Niedbał and Paweł Olszczyński. The axis of the exhibition will be two textile installations made jointly by two artists.

Marta Niedbał, Paweł Olszczyński, Untitled, 2023

Niedbał’s actions demonstrate a recurring interest in soft techniques of resistance, processes that redefine the sense of attachment and connection to the emerging shared world through tenderness and care. Her works reveal cracks, leaks and unstable boundaries of bodies thatprzestrze entangle the viewer in the sensual sphere of being between "not anymore" and "not yet", which is full of discrepancies and transformations.

Olszczyńsk’s creations revisit hybrid figures, chimeras – entities of ambiguity and irrationality. Their gestures express both nurturing care, tenderness and the pursuit of sexual satisfaction, as well as brutality. Through the ambiguity of their emotions, they are able to resist classifications and hierarchies.


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