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THE MOON WAS A BIT UNSTABLE | Jan Porczyński | exhibition opening 21 Jan. 2023, 6 - 9 pm.

This Saturday we invite you to the opening of Jan Porczyński's exhibition "The Moon Was a Bit Unstable". We are waiting for you on January 21 from 18:00.

On Porczyński’s gouaches the angular figures of musicians blowing horns, flutes and clarinets against the backdrop of cosmic landscapes shrouded by the overcast sky. Strange creatures are dancing arrhythmically, fairy-like monsters hovering over them. This ensuing grotesque is being watched gloomily by heavenly bodies, their faces displaying a mixture of disgust and infuriation. The hefty buildings glower ominously, their lunatic immensity evoking the images of life among the constellations of boxlike estates, ugly billboards, rivers of asphalt and concrete littered with dog poop and fag ends. The cities enshrouded in the strobe light of lampposts, neon sights of off-licence shops, car headlights that create a scenery as if from a B-class horror movie. It looks kind of apocalyptic.

The artist uses these props to talk about the mundane feeling of being lost and threatened, about the loneliness of an individual in a paradoxically overcrowded ugly city, and the need to search it for the smallest scraps of beauty.

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