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Raman Kaminski "Past Garden" exhibition opening, May 19, 2023

The exhibition “Past Garden” brings together the works of Belarusian artist Raman Kaminski (1988), which are the result of his personal experiences in recent months. Like many Belarusians, Raman experienced a double emigration after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February. He had already been living in Kyiv at the time, then moved to Georgia and then to France. This was compounded by a personal tragedy – the loss of his mother, whose funeral he was unable to attend due to the political situation in Belarus.

The works on display present a remarkable counterpoint between the subject matter and the way in which it is realised. This is true of the incredibly painful, lonely and tormented content of the works, which contrasts with the bright, saturated colour palette. It is precisely this counterpoint that creates a gap and acts as a portal to the artist’s painful experiences. The portal itself is amplified by the scale of the works, whose dominant monumentality serves as a metaphor for the power of internal traumatic and dramatic emotions, dwarfing both the artist and the viewer.

curator: Olga Mzhelskaya

photo by: Kate Ignashevich


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