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Michał Przybyła | dissolve into soft ways of being | performance accompanying the exhibition

Nov 17, 2023, 7 p.m.

The performance "dissolve into soft ways of being" accompanying the exhibition "Hold Me Closer" is a reflection on softness as a quality experienced through the body, senses and physiology. In the context of our bodies, which are sometimes enslaved by enforced cultural norms and the influence of political power, always ready to respond to various forms of violence, this performance captures the agency of letting go and points to softness as a potential act of transcending boundaries and prevailing norms.

photo by Rafał Strzelecki

The performance leads the viewer through a constant dialogue between the qualities of what is elastic, swollen, growing, intertwining, and its softness, which is a source of incredible strength. The performance directs our thoughts towards the question of what it means to go beyond the limits of what is corporeal, intimate and sexual. It searches for the possibility of connecting with that which transcends our sensual experience, allowing the body to act as a medium to a multidimensional reality. At the same time, it treats softness, tenderness and care as acts of resistance to the systems and structures that impose their rules on our bodies and supervise them.

The performance is part of the "softness as power," research project which was carried out along with Magda Niedzielska during the "zwischen raümen_między miejscami" residency in Berlin.

Michał Przybyła (ur. 1993)

dancer, choreographer, performer. He holds a bachelor's degree in dance and choreography from the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz. He studied at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, majoring in Interactive Media and Performance. He is a two-time scholarship holder of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. He completed the MASA program organized by Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel and an internship at KCDC. From 2016 to 2020, he was a dance artist at the Polish Dance Theater in Poznan. Together with Dominik Więcek, he was a resident at TanzFaktur in Köln, Germany, as part of the INKUBATOR 2020 program, and was a 2020/II scholarship recipient of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. As a freelancer, he collaborates with Studio Theater in Warsaw, Powszechny Theater in Warsaw, Ciało/Umysł Foundation, Krakow Dance Theater, Zawirowania Dance Theater.


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