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Mateusz Cieplechovic and Norbert Delman at CRASH Club

During this year's edition of Warsaw Gallery Weekend. HOS Gallery took part in the collective CRASH Club initiative, which took place in the Bliska 12 Pavilion. We presented works by Mateusz Cieplechovic and Norbert Delman.

fot. Marlena Talunas

CRASH CLUB is an inclusive and social exhibition project that invited galleries to transcend the confines of their usual spaces by extending their exhibitions into one big group show during the Warsaw Gallery Weekend. CRASH CLUB features local and non-local galleries, artist-run-spaces, and artists that are not represented by galleries in Warsaw, creating a context of intersection and encounter, or of crash and collision.

Bliska 12

03-804 Warsaw

opening time during Warsaw Gallery Weekend | Sep 28 - Oct 1

Thursday - Sunday | 12:00 - 10 p.m


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