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Krzysztof Gil | "Strange Fruits of Paradise Tree"

Warsaw Gallery Weekend is getting closer! We invite you to the exhibition “Strange Fruits of Paradise Trees” featuring works by Krzysztof Gil.

From Sept. 29 - Oct. 2. the gallery is open 11 a.m – 7 p.m

"Ham’s laughter—when it is not being drowned in their blue-blooded master’s lip-smacking—explodes the pre-existing order as it, paradoxically, allows us also to stitch the shattering vision of the world back together. It is a strategy of narrating looping perspectives, ambiguous obfuscation and white-outs, razed, but not identical categories—such as race and class—inequalities, imperialism, but also emancipation, transforming into consumption and anger that turns into fodder for the system, against which it had only recently been aimed."

[excerpt from the curatioral text by Ania Batko]

more info about the exhibition here


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