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"Milking van Gogh"

opening: December 14, 2018, at 7:00 p.m.

exhibition: December 14-17, 2018

ul. Młocińska 5/7 0

1-065 Warsaw


#grupawolno was established at the end of April 2018 as a result of a meeting of three individuals whose paths crossed in the old Ochota district in the studio of the artist and poet Marcin Osiowski. Together with his friend Antoni Gustowski, composer, singer, director and translator of poetry.

The title of the exhibition and the series of works "Milking by van Gogh" indicates the sources of inspiration important for #grupawolno, which lie equally in banal objects, in this case the image of the artist appearing on tubes of paint, as well as in philosophical considerations dedicated to the role of art, its relations with language and contemporary, market, but also political and social realities. The exhibition presents both the individual painting achievements of Osiowski and Słonecka, as well as the effects of close cooperation in recent months, which usually take the form of hours of discussions about art, shared inspirations and current affairs. These conversations, in a condensed way, were translated into the language of drawing that was more familiar to both of them and immortalized in the form of regularly created "Diaries" and series of pictures painted together. During the meetings of the two painters, the canvases become a field of experimentation and a search for a form whose final form seems to be the most appropriate in terms of those harmonious and at the same time endowed with different temperament and baggage of personality experiences.


The role of the buckle connecting these seemingly incompatible motifs will be performed by a performance specially prepared for this occasion. It is based on the loose thoughts of Osiowski, collected for years, enriched with the latest notes. These texts, although they were created as a separate entity, animated by Gustowski's directing and composing talents, turn out to be an accurate summary of the views shared by the members of the group. By lifting the veil of secrecy, we will reveal that the main narrator will be Plato asking about the possibilities of a work of art in today's realities - absurd and alien to both the ancient philosopher and participants in the artistic life of the 21st century.


Are the paintings portraits of an artist who was not understood in his lifetime? Is the paint packaging? Does the performance accompanying the exhibition deal only with the philosophy of art and the theory of colors? Or maybe something that each of us has to deal with every day when we turn on the TV?

It is worth knowing this Story of Fr.  Art.

We invite!

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photo by Adam Gut

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